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Leo Tolstoy

The links listed below are a good starting point but one should have the printed work in hand to fully appreciate Tolstoy's work. A hard copy enhances the readers' experience by allowing them to underline, annotate, and cross reference the work. In return the reader moves past the story line and onto the larger issues being conveyed.

For more on this and how to progress through some of Tolstoy's larger works see the reading tips section of this site.

A Confession
A Grain as Big as a Hen's Egg
A Prisoner in the Caucasus
A Spark neglected Burns the House
Anna Karenina
Death of Ivan Ilych
Devil, The
Empty Drum, The
Esarhaddon, King of Assyria
Evil Allures, but Good Endures
Family Happiness
Father Sergius
Forged Coupon, The
God Sees the Truth but Waits
Godson, The
Hadji Murad
How Much Land Does a Man Need
Imp and the Crust, The
Ivan the Fool
Kingdom of God is Within You, The
Kreutzer Sonata, The
Little Girls Wiser than Men
Master and Man
Repentant Sinner, The
Three Hermits, The
Three Questions
Two Old Men
War and Peace
What Men Live By
Where Love Is, God Is
Work, Death and Sickness

"... If I were told that what I shall write will be read in twenty years by the children of today and that they will weep and smile over it and will fall in love with life, I would devote all my life and all my strengths to it.

-Leo Tolstoy

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